• High I.Q. Tutorial Centre provides students with tutoring in mathematics, English, and music.
  • Tutorials are all given in small groups by patient and experienced tutors who are either university graduates or presently attending an Ontario university.
  • Students can address current school difficulties with their tutor and be tutored directly from their current school textbooks.
  • Students that are tutored at High I.Q. Tutorial Centre will gain the advantage of understanding and progressing ahead of their peers.
  • Generally, tutorials are one hour in length on a weekly basis. Tutorials are scheduled to accommodate both the student and the tutor.
  • Other tutorial subjects such as music may be available upon request. If interested, please contact us.


  • Our tutors can assist students to excel in their mathematics that are presently taught in their schools.
  • Students can address assigned homework from school with their tutors.
  • Students are encouraged to advance ahead in their school studies and have the opportunity to learn additional material under the guidance of their tutor. New material taught may come from the student’s own school textbook or materials provided by their tutor.


  • English tutorials develop language skills by emphasizing writing and reading comprehension.
  • Students are encouraged to build vocabulary, proper grammar, and critical thinking proficiency.